With 2023 here, self-care may be among your New Year’s goals, and rightly so. After all, keeping yourself mentally healthy is important to your overall well-being. Fortunately, self-care can mean many things: meditation, yoga, seeing a therapist regularly, going for a run, or anything else that makes you feel relaxed and a better version of yourself. But you might not always have the chance to go for a run or the time to see your therapist, so that’s where technology comes in: Self-care apps can help you stay balanced in the new year; you can literally have them in your pocket by phone.

“Self-care is a broad term that can encompass the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, fashion and style news, and spiritual aspects of your life,” Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, tells Bustle. “All are important and all are associated with more positive experiences, longevity and better quality of life.”

She says that using self-care apps can be a very fruitful and helpful way to bring emotional regulation and self-care to the forefront of your consciousness. “Much like exercise monitoring and budgeting apps, these apps focus us on our thought process, emotions, breathing and stress levels – all of which have a huge impact on our overall functioning,” says Dr. Clap. “However, it is important to remember that these apps are NOT a substitute for mental health care.” He says they don’t treat clinical conditions like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, but they’re a great tool for anyone, whether or not you’re in treatment for the conditions listed above. “They’re a great way to get more skilled at thinking, feeling, and engaging with the world in a healthier, more productive way,” she says.

Below are seven self-service apps that are perfect to try this new year.

1. Journy

The Journy application assists you with smoothing out your life by keeping key schedule occasions, updates, procedures and tips readily available. The personal growth application likewise gives an arranging layout to assist you with coordinating your contemplations as you plan for any occasion, large or little.

This is a personal growth organizer and tracker for any individual who needs to assume command over their life and come out better as a rendition of themselves.

Journy was intended to assist you with sorting out your viewpoints, your cycle, your life, your personal growth, self-control, and development to expand your profits on your excursion to being awesome, the most adjusted, adjusted individual you can be. be. you want to be Assuming you get together with the main part of progress; exertion! This personal growth application will meet you most of the way to assist you with remaining coordinated and keeping on track.

Journey App Download Links:

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2. Shine

Suppose you’re looking for daily motivational lyrics and a great selection of self-improvement audio (on topics like productivity, mindfulness, and improving sleep). In that case, Shine is the self-care app for you. It can help you de-stress, reduce anxiety and make you feel better overall. You can also save your favorite lyrics to review them as many times as you need. The app also has a gratitude feature where you can track your gratitude each day. You can also try the Shine Challenge, a seven-day audio challenge that takes you deeper into your chosen self-care topic. Shine was also listed among the App Store’s “Best of 2018,” but you can decide for yourself after you try it out.

3. Calm

Calm aims to make you just that: Calm in every sense of the word. You will learn how to master your breathing and reduce stress and anxiety. You can choose mediations varying in length from three to 25 minutes to fit into your schedule accordingly, and topics include stress management, deep sleep and self-esteem – among others. Plus, Calm was Apple’s App of the Year in 2017, so that’s another reason to download and try Calm.

4. Pacifica

If you are looking for online barbie dolls for your go-to app. You can track your moods, meditate, and also practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) using tools designed by a psychologist to help you manage stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Audio exercises include topics such as deep breathing and soothing soundscapes. You can also join other users in a community of mutual support to help you overcome feelings of loneliness in your thoughts. Additionally, this app was one of Apple’s Best of 2017, as well as an Editor’s Choice on Google Play.

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5. Relaxing Melodies: Sleep Sounds

If you are looking for an app to help you sleep by providing you with soothing sleep sounds, Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds is perfect. And you don’t have to choose just one sound, you can combine sounds like rain and piano. You can also have sound combinations and create your sleep mix. Or you can opt for Sleep Moves, guided exercises to help you fall asleep. You can also listen to the app if you just want to relax – taking a nap or sleeping is not mandatory.

6. Breathing Zone

If you need help focusing on your breathing – which can help reduce your anxiety – Breathing Zone may be the app you’re looking for. It’s a controlled breathing exercise that helps you go from anxious to relaxed in just a few breaths. And you can set the number of breaths you want to take per minute – like eight or 10. Not only does the app help you improve your mood, but it also retrains your brain.

7. Happify

Happify can help you by reducing stress and helping you manage negative thoughts. Whether you’re dealing with difficult co-workers or just having a bad day, the app has science-based games and activities to help you shift emotionally and see the positives. You can choose from all kinds of categories, such as building confidence or achieving mindfulness through meditation.

8. Headspace

Headspace is a great app when it comes to self-care. You can listen to a general guided meditation within their Core Meditations or choose a more specific one such as Sleep or Relationships. And the voice behind Headspace is so soothing that you’ll instantly feel more comfortable. There are also super short meditations if you just need a quick dose of calm.

Last Words

Self-service tools are just a few taps away via phone. And with the New Year here, now is the perfect time to start taking care of yourself so you can start 2023 off on the right foot.


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