Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Manali is a high altitude Himalayan hill station, which is based on resorts and tourists. It is located in India’s Northern Himachal Pradesh state. Manali is very popular among the newly married couples.

It is a well known honeymoon destination and backpacking center. Manali is situated at the bank of Beas river and it’s an entrance for skiing in the Solang valley and trekking in Parvati valley. The other adventurous things are bungee-jumping, river rafting, paragliding and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains, home to 4,000m high Rohtang Pass.

The pleasant weather attracts many tourists every year. Manali tourism is indeed magnificent and there are many beautiful places to visit.

You get perfect information through our article which time is perfect for visiting the place. Mentioned the details information and precautions for you that help before your journey and while you are on trip.

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Peak Season

The most favorable time for Manali is between the months of March to June. This is the peak season. If you travel in the peak season you can experience fully the atmosphere and the natural beauty of this hill station. You can also experience the most famous adventure activities. The multitude of festivals at this time of the year also an attraction for tourists. The most important thing is the temperature. The temperature range is from 10 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius.

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Medium season: October to February

Low season: July to August

Travel SeasonMin/Max temperatureSeason
March to June10 to 25 degree CelsiusSummer comfortably warm
July to September10 to 16 degree CelsiusMonsoon season- Heavy rainfall
November to February1 degree CelsiusToo cold and scatter snowfall
Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Visit Manali in Summer Months (March to April)

Manali is Best in Summer Months:

Temperature– The temperature is really favorable at this time. The huge crowd of tourists come to enjoy the site scenes.

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Weather– Manali is situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. The sun rays are dancing in the valleys and the beauty is unspeakable. In the summer season Manali goes back to his normal life breathes freely. In the daytime the weather is very pleasant and comfortable and in the night bringing some cool winds. That makes the season best time to explore Manali. The bright and sunny climate invites us to come here and takes the opportunity to satisfy the adventurer in you and engage yourself in several activities

Significant events: Manali is a popular holiday destination where people enjoy their vacation with friends and loved one. It is very crowded in summer because many festivals and events are occurring at this time. Doongri forest festival is one of the popular festival in Manali. All women have arranged this and worn their traditional outfit. They dance and sing songs which are the tribute to the Goddess Hadimba Devi. Many tourists also joined in the festival with them. The Hadimba Devi fair is organized at a beautiful place. Where tourists are enjoying the native culture and photographers are also having many splendid shots capturing the vibrant atmosphere around them.

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Why you should visit this peak season: Manali is overflowing with activities and humming with tourists in the peak season of the year. People choose this time because the weather is very comfortable in the daytime and feeling chilly weather at night. They enjoy the hilly heavenly landscape, lots of sightseeing and adventure games, etc. In the Solang valley tourists experience paragliding, skating many types of activities. It is really amazing to feel like to be gliding through the sky. Solang valley is the land where you show clad crests, Mount Ladakhi, Mount Hanumn Tibba, and Mount Friendship.

Important things to know before the visit: When the tourist spot is full of crowd the price of the hotels are highly increased. The lack of accommodation, overpriced tickets are the main problems. You should book your ticket in advance and bring essential things in your luggage when you travel to the chilly hill station.

Tips– When you will plan for a tour you must maintain some guidelines. Plan your trip according to the weather. You should return back to the hotel before sunset and finish all your activities when the Sun is telling goodbye to us. You must pack some warm clothes and cool attire also for both weather. Sunscreen and sunglasses are most important, so don’t forget about that.

Visit Manali in Rainy Season (July to September)

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Temperature: The temperature in the Monsoon is almost cooler than summer. The temperature is 10 degree to 16 degree.

Weather: In the rainy season heavy downpours occur in Manali. It is a cause of massive accidents, landslides. However, Manali decorates herself aa a newly bride after rain shower. To explore a hill station in Monsoon is literally a big challenge. Throughout this season we face drastic fall in the number of tourists repeatedly because of this region.

Important events: The danger threatening over Manali in the rainy season. Heavy rainfall might dampen the spirits of tourists, but some people prefer this season for their vacation. The Haryali festival in Manali throughout the Monsoon season is the main attraction. It celebrates the Monsoon season. Before this celebration people has sown seven different types of seeds in the close area of their house hold.This is mainly celebrated by local farmers.

There are few activities in Manali that engage people in the Monsoon season. In rainy season some people prefer river rafting on the river Beas, but they should maintain the safety rules. The water level in the Monsoon is really high so we must take care about precautions.

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Why should you visit now: Mainly people choose this time to get rid of the heavy crowd and rush of the tourists. You spend your vacation with your family in isolation because hotels are rushing free and you also enjoy the natural beauty of away from the crowd. You must avoid trekking at this rainy season and also prefer to explore some monasteries in Manali.

Things to know before you go to Manali in Rainy season

You should take precautions before you visit this place. Before booking tickets and accommodation you must check the atmosphere. The hotel must be in a central area. You get some discounts and offers because it is an off season. Try not to go outside after sunset.

Tips: Please ,you must note that when you will start to pack your luggage you should carry waterproof clothes to protect yourself from the Monsoon. You must carry an umbrella when you go to outside.

Manali in Winter (October to February)


During this season the temperature is unbelievable. In winter it drops below 0 degree Celsius.


Manali decorates itself like an old Santa Claus in Winter. It is full of snow after the snowfall. The temperature is going down gradually. There are many enthusiastic activities in Manali that engage people during the winter season. Many people prefer this season cause they want to enjoy in the snow.

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

Significant events

The Winter is covering Manali with untouched beauty and plenty of snow. In the month of December we celebrate many events. Among this the Winter Carnival is best in February. At this time Manali is equivalent to the white color and winter activities are in full rock. Gratify in some warm, delicious food and enjoy some icy slopes and observe various cultural programs.

The adventurous activities warm up your soul in the cool atmosphere.

Why should you explore the chilly hill station now: You must enjoy this season by making a snowman with your family and throw snowballs at them. Manali is the white heaven in Winter. Many spots are closed such as Rohtang pass. Engage yourself with many snow activities like snow tubing and skiing at the snow point. You might take the opportunity because it is the rushfree time. The hotels are offering you huge discounts because it is an off season for them.

Things to know before visiting

Best Convenient Time to Explore the Romantic Hill Station Manali

The weather is extremely cold at this season. So you must take precautions when plan for a vacation in Manali. It is really mandatory. You should check that the hotels have heaters or electric warmers. The heavy snowfall and high altitude might cause of our difficulties. Be aware of our tolerance level.

Tips: Before you are planning for a trip to visit Manali you should carry heavy jackets, woolen clothes, mufflers and gloves. You must sip tea and water in short intervals of time to stay hydrated.

Besides natural attraction and unrivalled beauty, Manali is well known for its unfettered adventure opportunities, the famous Hadimba temple, the nostalgic Rohtang pass and the snowy Solang valley. It is also famous for its enchanting culinary scene. Manali is definitely a terrific tourist destination and nothing beats up when you explore the chilly hill station with your family. It is known to provide some terrific experiences and worth cherishing for lifetime. Manali is actually a safe place to travel with anyone. It is among one of the most popular hill stations not only in Himachal Pradesh but also in India.

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