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Fast Park And Relax Hobby the nation’s premier supplier of off-site airport parking facilities, prepared for the worst as Hurricane Harvey approached Houston in August 2017. Vehr prepared the company’s communication channels to notify Fast Park customers of road closures, travel notifications and car status updates for the two Houston facilities serving George Bush Intercontinental Airport and William P. Hobby Airport.

Throughout the hurricane and the weeks that followed, Vehr maintained communication with impacted Fast Park visitors and facilities crew members through website, social media and email. With Vehr’s assistance, the WIN Fast Park And Relax Hobby was able to further establish itself as a reliable travel partner for travellers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction.

Throughout the storm and recovery efforts, Vehr kept Fast Park’s visitors updated of facility developments and worked with them one-on-one on the status of their vehicles through the park’s social media channels, which saw a surge of activity as a result. Vehr’s Facebook page had over 111,000 impressions, and 67 discussions were recorded via direct messages, with a response time of less than nine minutes. Vehr was able to collect almost 2,000 Twitter interactions in only one week, which is over 600 percent more than the quarterly average. Fast Park And Relax Hobby proactive approach to customer service, prompt responses, and hardworking staff in Houston have earned the company many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Hobby Park Opens At Lightning Speed

This week, Houston welcomed Fast Park And Relax Hobby, an off-airport parking firm. William P. Hobby Airport HOU situated at 8202 Hansen Road, will now have its first serviced by this brand-new facility. Fast Park is giving a special rate of $4.25 per day excluding taxes and airport fees in honour of its grand opening. This is a discount of Fast Park And Relax Coupon standard cost of $8.50. Despite this, Fast Park is not a newcomer to the Houston market.

Houston is a Fantastic Metropolis

To paraphrase Houston is a fantastic metropolis. It’s a terrific market for passengers since it has not one but two airports from which to choose. While Fast Park And Relax Hobby has been serving the IAH airport for the last eleven years, the company’s executive vice president of building and branding, Melanie Chavez, has said that the company has always had an eye on potential at Hobby. We recognize visitors use both airports depending on their travel requirements, and we’re glad to be able to satisfy their parking needs regardless of which airport they’re utilizing.

Provide Reliable and Pleasant Service

Fast Park And Relax Hobby has provided visitors with reliable and pleasant service for over 30 years, and the company is always seeking new ways to enhance the airport experience is releasing a new website complete with a booking system, mobile apps and a motivational blog Hobby is more than simply a parking garage it’s also a travel companion, there to ensure that each visitor has a positive experience before and after each and every trip.

Service Available to all Customers

Fast Park And Relax Hobby will be the name of the new Hobby centre. It will have a roof over its parking, provide eight free EV charging stations, and be built with low VOC materials and furniture certified by the Green Guard. Also, it will have the necessary facilities to install a massive array of solar panels. The company’s signature service, Hobby Fast Park, is available to all customers.

Secure Roofed Parking

Fast ChargeTM, zero-cost Charge Point electric vehicle charging stations Shuttle service from your vehicle to the airport so you don’t have to walk, wait in line, or stress out about anything. Free help with your bags, a newspaper weekdays between 6 and 8 a.m., while supplies last and a glass of water when you check out. Fast and reliable roadside help, including jumpstarts and flat tyre repairs.

Shuttle Service Available

Cincinnati is home to Fast Park And Relax Hobby an industry leader in off-site airport parking. It operates 17 lots under the Fast Park & Relax, FastPark2, Airport Fast Park, and Park Place names around the nation. Customer service is a top priority at Fast Park, which is why they are open around the clock, every day of the week to accommodate its clients. Passengers may take use of the airport’s shuttle service to go from the parking garage to the terminal in a jiffy.

Preflight Trade Facilities

Having to tear a hundred dollar note into small, coin-shaped pieces so it can fit into the metre is almost as frustrating as trying to obtain a parking space in the first place. Relax your tired fingers with today’s Groupon up to four days of parking at Fast Park And Relax Hobby near the General Mitchell International Airport for only $12.

Emergency Services Located Only Minutes

Fast Park And Relax Hobby is open 24/7 so that drivers can drop off their cars whenever they choose, day or night, with today’s bargain keeping vehicles contained for up to four days. A free bottle of water is available for departing drivers to quench their thirst and water their dashboard cactus. Helping with things like dead batteries and flat tyres aren’t part of this Group on, but they are part of the emergency services who try to fix broken down cars.

The New Facility Will Integrated

 FastPark Airport Parking has partnered with Chicago’s Preflight Airport Parking to operate two off-site lots in the Lone Star State and the Tar Heel State. Preflight, located at 6633 Will Clayton Parkway, will be rebranded as Fast Park And Relax Hobby while the latter will get the keys to Fast Park And Relax Hobby located at 3100 Greens Road, in exchange. The new facility will be integrated with FastPark’s current Parkway location. The purchase would increase the parking lot size from the current 2,615 spots to almost 4,000 when necessary modifications and renovations have been made.

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Quick and Convenient Service

The new location in Raleigh Fast Park And Relax Hobby will help the company to grow while also attracting more customers with its quick, convenient and customized service. To almost increase our capacity in the Houston market, we want to merge our current plant with the adjacent building we just bought. Whether you’re in the mood for anything vintage or sophisticated you’re certain to uncover at least two and probably more like twenty items that make your heart skip a beat.

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