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One of the most innovative approaches to revamping your Kitchen is using laminates. Laminates are the new trend in interior decoration and can give your Kitchen a classy and contemporary look. There are many kinds of decorative laminates available that you can use in your Kitchen. 

Laminates, made with advanced technology, are the new style statement for your decor.One of the trending styles in kitchen decor is to usecolour laminates. They come in a large variety of colour, texture, thickness, design, and finish. You must be wondering if laminates are good options for your Kitchen or how you would start with them.

We are here to tell you how you can experiment with various colour themes in your Kitchen. We have picked 5 current laminate colour themes for your Kitchen. Before that, let us tell you a little bit about why colours are so important in decoration.

Choosing the right colour matters

The Kitchen is the soul of your residence. A beautifully organised Kitchen keeps you in a good mood and creates positive energy throughout the house. When revamping your Kitchen, you must remember to design it to bring out the place’s happy vibes. This is why you should not take colours lightly.

In decoration, each and every colour matters and has its own meaning.

5 current colour themes for your Kitchen

  1. Brown terracotta- shades of earth
  2. Green and white
  3. Lavender and white
  4. Pop colours
  5. Black and white

1.Brown and terracotta:

Brown and terracotta are two shades associated with the earth. They represent stability, warmth and comfort. Additionally, these two colour combinations are unique and will definitely improve the aesthetics of your Kitchen. If you want to add one more colour to this combination, you can try off-white. This combination is meant to create a classy, minimalist and neat look for your Kitchen. You can use terracotta laminates on the cabinets and brown on the countertops. For the ceiling, choose off-white or ivory. For the floor, wood-patterned floor laminates will look great.

2. Green and white

Nothing reminds us of nature like green. Green ,one of the most beautiful and soothing colour is perfect for the area of your home that is related to health and nourishment. The combination of cool tones like green and white will create peaceful and prosperous vibes in your Kitchen. Needless to say, this is exactly what you need if you spend a lot of time in the Kitchen. With this style, keep your floor minimal and glossy.

3. Lavender and white

Another cool tone colour combination for your Kitchen could be an exciting option. Whenever you choose white, it will automatically bring the focus to the other colour. This cool-toned combination will look great in natural light and will give your Kitchen a soft, eye-pleasing feel.

4. Pop colours palette

If you want to play with colours, go all in. Feel free to choose laminate sheets of various vibrant colours. Here, contrast is your main idea, and one pop colour will highlight the other. You can go for any pastel colour for the ceiling, and the flooring should be of ivory or white high gloss laminates. This beautiful assortment of colours will create a happy and cheerful atmosphere in your Kitchen.

5. Go edgy with black and white

If you dare to experiment with laminate colours, how about black and white laminates? It is offbeat and different. It definitely draws attention to your experimental taste in decoration. This combination will give your Kitchen an elegant look. Black laminates on the cabinetry and white countertop create a clean, balanced look for your Kitchen.

Beautiful decorative laminates are the easiest way to revamp your Kitchen and give it the fresh new look that you know it needs. They are easy-to-maintain modern surface solutions with water resistance, fingerprint-proof, scratch resistance properties, making them for kitchen applications.

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