Lupus Disease

Lupus is one of the most known autoimmune diseases. It causes pain and inflammation throughout the body. It most commonly attacks the internal organs, joints, and skin. 

Like all other autoimmune diseases, lupus develops when the immune system backfires. Instead of fighting against the disease, the immune system starts to attack the normal cells of the body. While there are treatment options available that can make the disease of lupus quite bearable, there are some healthy food options that can help in keeping your health intact if you have lupus. 

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Foods to Eat When You Have Lupus

There is no magic potion or food that can make you get rid of Lupus but a number of foods can help reduce the flare-ups that might occur due to the presence of this autoimmune disease in the body. Let’s have a closer look at the options that you must be consuming. 

1. High Omega-3 Foods

Food that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids is known to help in decreasing the inflammation in the body. They also help in the improvement of mood and cardiovascular health. 

Foods that are full of Omega-3 fatty acids include: 

  • Chia seeds, flax seeds ad hemp seeds
  • Legumes and nuts like kidney beans, edamame, and walnuts
  • Algae and seaweed
  • Seafood like salmon, oysters, trout, shrimps, and sardines

2. Calcium-Rich Foods

People who suffer from Lupus disease are always suggested to take foods that are high in calcium. This is suggested that patients with Lupus are very much likely to suffer from diseases that can damage the bones and cause disorders like osteoporosis and osteopenia. 

Foods high in calcium can help in the protection of the bones and joints. The foods that can help you include: 

  • Beans
  • Tofu
  • Dairy Products
  • Leafy greens

Dairy products also come with the risks of cardiovascular diseases as they are high in saturated fats and cholesterol. It is that is why advised to take high calcium foods with great care as these can damage the heart health pretty bad.

3. Foods with Folic Acid

One of the biggest side effects of Lupus disease is that it does interfere with the way our body handles folic acid. This means that there is always a need to take more folic acid if you are someone that is suffering from Lupus disease. 

A few foods that you can take in order to keep your folic acid levels balanced include: 

  • Fruits
  • Leafy greens
  • Folic acid supplements
  • Fortified cereals and bread 

But the advice here is to consult with the doctor before you start to consume the supplements as these can be dangerous if consumed on your own and without a prescription. 

4. Foods Helping with Upset Stomach

It is always a great idea to stay away from foods that are acidic, greasy, or spicy. After that, it is always recommended to eat foods in smaller portions and it is encouraged to have frequent portions of food after small intervals. 

Foods that are quite easy to digest and that are suggested to consume include:

  • Bread
  • Crackers
  • Dry cereals

Heavy medication taken during lupus can cause upset stomach and nausea. To control that, it is important to stay away from heavy foods, and is always a great idea to consume the options that are lighter on the stomach. You must be focused on consuming fruits and vegetables as much as you can while you have an upset stomach. 

Foods to Avoid

With lupus, there are certain foods that you must stay away from. These include foods high in cholestrol and saturated fats. People that have lupus are at a greater risk of getting a heart attack. So, the patients that are suffering from lupus must stay careful when they consume cholesterol or saturated fats as these can leave a pretty bad impact on the heart health. 

Avoid Echinacea

There are certain supplements that are taken to improve immune systems while having colds and flu. But, they contain a component called echinacea which is a compound not suitable for people with lupus disease. So, avoid taking such supplements that prove to be unhealthy for people with autoimmune diseases Best backlinks service provider on fiverr


Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can occur to anyone. The best way to stay healthy during the disease is by consuming a healthy diet and avoiding the food options that are bad for you or that night flare up the symptoms of the disease. It is also recommended to see a doctor if the condition is serious, otherwise, to stay healthy, it is recommended to consume the above-mentioned foods for better health

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