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If the pressure in your tyres starts to drop, you’ll eventually notice it and realize you’ve been driving improperly. Unfortunately, by that time, your tyres will be at best underachieving and at worst worn out and dangerous Tyre Inflation on Your Car.

Tire pressure could seem insignificant or even something you don’t have time to worry about.

But it actually has a big impact on how well and how safely your car performs.

One of the simplest ways to maintain your tyres in good condition is to check your tyre pressure once per month. Additionally, it can help your Tyres Birmingham wear uniformly over time, which can save you money. Yet persuaded?

What makes tyre pressure so crucial?

The weight of a vehicle is evenly distributed across the tread pattern of a tyre with the right air pressure, making the tyre (and the vehicle) as stable as possible.

A tyre loses stability when it is under- or over-inflated, which has an adverse effect on handling, changing direction, and stopping. The tyre will eventually begin to wear unevenly as well. Over-inflated tyres show wear down the center of the tread.

Whereas under-inflated tyres typically show wear on the tread’s outer edges.

In either case, having the wrong inflation pressure results in uneven tyre wear, quicker tyre wear, and less money in your pocket. No one desires that Landsail Tyres Birmingham.

The risks of both low and high inflation

A tyre that is under-inflate will “flex” more during turns and stops. You lose some of the safety and performance advantages.

These were built into the tyre by the producer when you have under-inflate tyres because they don’t react as rapidly as they would if they had proper pressure Tyre Inflation on Your Car.

Because excessive air pressure actually alters the shape of the tyre, reducing its contact patch with the road, over-inflate wheels can lose traction.

Over-inflate tyres are more prone to damage — an over-inflate tyre is firmer and may not respond as expecte to popular road conditions like potholes. Additionally, over-inflation can make driving in your car rough and noisy. No one desires that either.

Check tyre pressure frequently, when tyres are cooler

We recommend that you examine your tyre pressure at least on a monthly basis and whenever you’re preparing to go on a long drive. When the tyres are cold, such as first thing in the morning, check the pressure. You’ll get the most accurate result when tyres are cold because heat from driving, rising air temperatures throughout the day Tyre Inflation on Your Car.

Even the rays of the sun shining on your wheels can momentarily increase tyre pressure.

Oh, and if you’re considering cheating a little, I’m sorry, but a visual tyre pressure check does not exist. It’s nearly impossible to determine a tyre’s inflation level just by gazing at it. Utilize a dependable tyre gauge and, if necessary.

Alter the air pressure according to the instruction booklet or the placard on the tyre of the vehicle.

Pressure cookers: Unique situations


Many off-roaders will “air down” (decrease tyre pressure).

When driving through difficult terrain, mud, or thick sand to keep a greater portion of tyre’s footprint firmly plante. They reduce their speeds as a result of their tyres’ diminishe responsiveness to steering and braking. But caution is advise because releasing excessive air can harm tyres and even cause the tyre bead to come off the rim. To get home, off-roaders must also keep in mind to air up their tyres.

Rock hopping

These ultra-rugge off-roaders enjoy negotiating steep rocks, giant ledges, and other challenging terrain features. Reducing tyre pressure makes tyres supple and adaptable.

Allowing them to follow the contours of the rocks.

Enhancing traction and even assisting in calming down what can be an incredibly bumpy ride. Tire pressure on rock crawlers can occasionally fall into the single figures!

Autocrossing and road racing

The objective here is to increase the tyre’s footprint on the ground. When racing, tyres become hot and tyre pressure rises.

As a result, racers adjust tyre pressure to achieve the best performance by continuously measuring “hot pressure.”

Hot pressure is less of a problem in autocross races because they are shorter, but all racers must still account for other factors in their calculations, such as air temperature and path surface temperature. To attain the quickest lap times possible, a difficult procedure that necessitates constant adjusting, measuring, readjusting, and more checking. Aren’t you now relieved that you only have to check your tyres’ pressure once a month?

Song interlude

Studies have shown that singing “Pressure Drop” while verifying tyre pressure increases enjoyment by 90%. When a sparkly vest is also worn, that percentage increases to 100%. For best results, go with Landsail Tyres Birmingham. 

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