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If you wish to enjoy the richest flavour of your cannabis, you should have a clean bong. While you can enjoy an enhanced flavour, you can also be safe from many health concerns. So, it is important to regularly clean the glass bong water pipe as it will help reduce the gunk build-up.

Now, you would want to know what are the best ways to clean the bong. Certainly, you would be looking for highly effective and cost-effective ways to wipe away the bong. The article will highlight the basic ways to clean the bong. As you cannot have alcohol all the time, you must know the cleaning hacks without using alcohol.  

Why Cleaning a Bong Is Important?

If you closely examine the glass bong, you will be able to detect its filth. It is likely to be covered with cannabis. The reason is that sticky resin accumulates on the inside walls, and turns the colour of the water. So, it’s best to clean after every few days and replace your bong water also. It will avoid the risk of mould and other pathogens.

You must know that inhaling bacteria and mould can be hazardous to health. The most common health issues it may cause include lung infections and pneumonia. Moreover, if any resin builds up on the internal side of the bong can serve as a biofilm, which is home to very harmful bacteria that you are likely to inhale.

To detect whether the dab needs cleaning or not you should check the colour of the bong water. If it’s brownish-green, and turning black, then it’s time to clean your bong.

You must know that fresh and clean glass is vital for a boosted dabbing experience. You will be able to enjoy the flavours more and increase the life and value of your bong.

How to Clean Your Bong Without Alcohol?

Here are some of the best ways you can learn how to clean your bong without alcohol, and How to Clean Dr Dabber Switch.

Wash Your Bong in The Sink

The basic cleaning hack of the bong is to wash it in the skin. You need to just turn on the hot water and wash it. Make sure to affix the down stem, so that you don’t have to take it off. Keep filling the bong with water until it runoffs. Keep it in front of the tap for a few minutes unless clean.

Then, just empty the bong, slightly swish it, and rinse it again with water. It will help eliminate the tar from the down stem and clean the bong walls also. You can use a mixture of vinegar and salt to clean the walls. After you fill the bong with this mixture, shake it hard, and then wash it off with hot water until it overflows and cleans everything from the inside.

Try not to use cold water as it might lead to thermal contraction and cause the bong to crack. The reason is that extreme differences in temperature may cause the glass to expand and contract rapidly, which is a major reason for cracking.

Wash Using a Dishwashing Liquid

Another way to clean the bong is to use a dishwasher. Open the hot water tap, and wait for the temperature to get hot. Then, wash the bong. Pour a sufficient amount of dishwashing liquid into the bong, and fill it with water. Keep the water running unless the dishwashing liquid vanishes. The best way to check whether there is any residue of dishwashing liquid or not, you will see no bubbles in the poured water.

On the contrary, if you are using dishwashing tablets, you must soak them for 10-15 minutes, so that it starts working. Quickly rinse off your water pipe using fresh water, and then add a baking soda solution with one-part soda and four parts water. Shake the mixture thoroughly so that the mixture can wash off any remaining residue even. Then, rinse the bong again with fresh warm water and use a paper towel to clean the canal. Now, the bong is ready for the next load.

Use Powder Soap

Begin by throwing away the used bong water, and rinse the stem with fresh water. You should wear rubber gloves as it safeguards your hands, as you have to expose your hands to very hot water for cleaning. Fill the bong with powder soap down the stem. Then, pour some hot water and make sure to fill up the entire bong. Energetically shake the bong for a few seconds, and add some more water to make sure that it reaches the top level. It will help break down all the tiny particles and gunk on the walls.

It might take some time to deeply clean a filthy bong. You should sensible chose the types of soap. You must consider how effective the chosen soap is in cleaning the beads.

Experts suggest that you should use the smallest bottle cleaning brush or used toothbrush to move down the stem and clean the bong. It will help clean the bong internally and wipe off any stubborn filth.

How to Clean Latex or Acrylic Bongs?

If you are looking for the best portable vaporizer, you may find glass, latex, plastic or acrylic bong varieties. So, if you purchase a latex or acrylic bong, its cleaning method might be different. For that, you must use only hot splashing water and a pipe-cleaning liquid and a large brush. Avoid using alcohol-mixed washing items as they strip off some acrylic and latex material.

The process is simple; you just need to fill the bong using hot water and rinse it off in the sink. Then keep rinsing unless the water is crystal clear. You may also look for latex or acrylic-safe cleaning products in the market. It will give more effective results and keep your bongs last for longer.

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How to Clean a Silicone Bong?

If you are looking for a long-lasting and convenient bong, then you must consider the silicone variety in the market. It is super durable and very easy to clean. However, the conventional methods to clean the glass bongs might not apply to silicone.

So, here is how you can clean a silicone bong while maintaining its original shape:

Use a Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher in your home, you prefer cleaning utensils in it. So, if you wish to clean the bong in it, you can disassemble the bong and fix the pieces on the top rack. The next step is simple, just wash it through the wash cycle. However, if you have any fragile attachments, such as glass items, make sure to clean them separately. Rinse the pieces after you remove them from the dishwasher to wash off any detergent deposit.

Use Soap and Water

You can also use a mild soap and water mixture to clean the silicone bongs. Using slightly warm water for cleaning purposes is a very effective method. All you have to do is remove any tiny pieces and put them aside. Then use hot water to wash off your bong. Load your bong with a generous amount of dish soap to clean the internal side. You may use a bottle-cleaning brush to wash off any residue from the difficult-to-access parts. Moreover, it will ensure better cleaning. Then, you need to carefully rinse the bong with warm water, and keep it aside to air-dry.

Freezer Technique

Another great technique to clean your silicone bong without alcohol is to freeze it. Freezing will help wipe away any accumulated filth and residue. Begin by rinsing your bong with water, and allow it to coat the surface. Keep the silicone bong in your freezer for a few hours. After that, take it out, and bend the silicone to displace any frozen gunk on the sides. Then, throw it away and dispose of it. You can then place it in a dishwashing cycle or simply rinse using a soap and water mixture. It will ensure that it is completely clean.

What are Some of the Easy Bong Cleaning Solutions?

When you plan to DIY clean your bongs, the best thing is that you won’t need any cultured cleaning solutions. As the process illustrated above is simple, the cleaning solution options are also readily available at home. Here is a list of cleaning solutions you may use:

White Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

White vinegar is ideal to clean off residues, odours and wax remain. And baking soda can easily melt away any type of grease or filth. So, when the two are mixed in the form of a solution, the carbon dioxide and slightly grainy solution make it the ideal solution for cleaning the bong. Moreover, it is highly affordable, easy and effective for the purpose.


You may also use acetone as an ideal cleaning solution for bongs. It is very effective in dissolving resin from surfaces. If you are unsure which cleaning solution might comprise acetone, you can also purchase pure acetone solution and use it for the purpose.

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