wireless cctv camera for home

An effective and reliable surveillance system is essential to secure your home or business premises. However, the surveillance system through CCTV cameras, just like any other technology, needs an upgrade to work better. When it comes to surveillance systems, changes are necessary to have a positive result in the system. There are various pointers that, if followed, can help one get better results, as discussed below.

Regular And Thorough Cleaning of Lenses

It is vital to keep the cameras clean and regularly check the overall system for a better result. The CCTV cameras’ lenses should always be kept clean to avoid dirt accumulating on the lenses. If not cleaned, it can negatively impact the quality of the footage captured on the cameras making it hard to identify intruders.

Install The Cameras in The Right Places

When installing a CCTV camera for your home security, you should place it strategically to capture the events happening around you. Therefore, poor installation of the cameras will hurt the footage captured. The choice of camera positions should not create a blind spot. The surveillance cameras’ poor positioning will fail to capture the important things or events happening around the premise. The surveillance system can be negatively affected by poorly positioned cameras.

Ensure There Is Enough Storage for Recorded Footage

Recording video around your premises generates a lot of footage that is supposed to be rechecked for different reasons. Therefore, it would be essential to have enough storage space to keep all the footage accessible. It is essential to ensure that there is always sufficient storage space accessible for future reference. Failing to have ample storage space creates many difficulties when accessing old footage as the system is usually programmed to overwrite, making the old footage disappear as new ones replace them.

Use AI-Powered Video Surveillance

You can use different ways to merge AI into the video surveillance system. With the advancement in technology, incorporating AI is an essential factor in ensuring efficiency in the system. The main advantage of using AI in video surveillance is that the technology in use has an inbuilt object identification module and makes vehicle recognition easy. The AI technology can identify various risk factors and alert the security staff overseeing the system.

Improve The Lighting System

You may have to adjust the lighting system for better video quality to match the range of security and surveillance systems that have been put in place. Poor lighting systems will lead to low-quality video, from your wireless cctv camera for home, especially at night. On top of that, when it comes to the lighting system, it should be accompanied by motion sensors to ensure that all the necessary movements within the premise are captured.


The above-discussed strategies will ensure you achieve the best outcome from the surveillance system. Therefore, following these strategies for better footage and improving security around one’s premises is crucial.

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