Because it looks nice, custom gold foil packaging is becoming more popular in retail and packaging. But the two main reasons they are so popular are their ability to boost sales and the brand’s value. You can confidently put your products in these boxes to get people’s attention. In addition, many visually appealing design options embellish the box. These designs can make standard foiled boxes more attractive. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to customize your gold foil box to make it more stylish and eye-catching.

Embossing or De-bossing for Custom Gold Foil Packaging 

Custom gold foil packaging is attractive enough to grasp the customer’s attention. Its gold reflective surface enhances the retail store shelves. Some brands, however, want more than this. They don’t just want to draw in more customers. They also want to make an impression that will stick with them. So, they look for ideas that aren’t like anything else on the market. Thus, embossing and de-bossing are unique ways to make your packaging look more interesting. For example, you can combine gold foil and embossing to make a box look more three-dimensional.

Both techniques press images, drawings, and texts into paper and other materials to create raised/indented patterns. For example, embossing your gold foil printed boxes design means raising the surface. In contrast to embossing, de-bossing is the complete opposite. When you print on your packaging, it looks like it was pressed in. Logos and other parts of a design look great with these two effects.

Effects of the Coating 

The use of coatings works like a masterstroke for your packaging boxes. These coatings on paper packaging can make the printed colors pop. Plus, they protect boxes from scratches, tears, and fingerprints. There are three distinct sheens available for the gold foil boxes wholesale. These available sheens are glossy or matte lamination and UV spot coating. For example, UV coating is a clear chemical in liquid form. The ultraviolet light binds and dries UV coating immediately after application in liquid form. You can use it as a flood coating to cover the entire printed work or as a spot coating to draw attention to certain places. However, UV spot coating is widely used for gold foil boxes.  

The other option is the glossy lamination that gives the entire box a shiny look. Further, the matte lamination gives an elegant appearance to the box. However, the problem is its dry appearance, which makes it look like an older person’s gift box. Thus, the gold foil box packaging‘ UV spot reflections are a hybrid of the glossy and matte laminations. The main parts of the packaging are gloss laminated, while the rest is matte.

Die Cutting for Custom Gold Foil Packaging

Die cutting is a fantastic crafting choice since it improves and elevates the creative process. It’s a great way to try crafting methods and endless options for creating unique works of art out of paper. If you do not have an idea about die cutting, we can simplify it for you. The die-cutting process is a post-press step that enables unique cutouts to be added to packaging and printed materials. You can cut out any shape or letters to highlight your packaging features. Suppose you can have a die-cut logo on your custom gold foil packaging. There is a big difference between a simple printed logo and a die-cut logo. The die-cut logo looks more appealing and creative to the customers. This packaging flexibility benefits your brand a lot.

Incredible Box Shapes and Variations 

The most amazing thing about custom packaging is that you can change it to suit your needs. If you want a certain type of box, there are no limits on getting them. Sometimes the finest promoter is the one who adds a little something extra. So, be one of those who promote with the help of your creativity. You can change the gold foil box packaging into any desired form for presentation. However, you do not need to stick to the old rules of outdated packaging styles. The Premier Custom boxes packaging industry is growing as well as other industries are. To surpass your competitors, you need something beyond expectation. For example, custom boxes are available in regular square or rectangular shapes. But there are many other box variations available. 

Two-Piece Foil Printing Boxes 

How about some elegant and convenient packaging style? Thus, two-piece foil printing boxes are the premium choice for many luxury brands. The reason is that they look elegant and fit for their high-end products. The other major benefit is that they are simple to use and offer the highest level of ease to the buyer. As the name suggests, the box has two pieces, one lid, and a base. You can also decorate the box’s lid with simple letter marks, logos, and pictures. Thus, you can give a memorable experience to your customers. 

Box with Sliding Drawers 

Another attractive box style is a box with sliding drawers. Imagine you present your gold foil printed boxes in a sliding drawer style. This would be amazing. This is only possible due to the flexible material of foil packaging. So, you can modify it to fit a user’s needs as slide boxes. The box can have one or more drawers with ribbon handles. These particular box designs have become popular due to their attractiveness and security. Their attractiveness makes them ideal for displaying products of many kinds. Furthermore, you can create this custom-built box to accommodate any product perfectly.

The custom gold foil packaging is attractive and enticing for customers. There are lots of ways to make it more interesting. The article has already told you about these tips. You can use any of them to give your customers an experience they won’t forget. Also, you need some unique and out-of-the-box trends to stand out from the crowd. People remember your brand if they can easily recognize your company from its packaging. They also think that they will get a great deal for their money.

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