Dissertation Stress

The era of 21 century has brought technology-based ease to people’s life. With that ease comes competition, more people are now involved in studies, and new research takes place in almost every field of life every year. This competition has increased stress levels of students studying in different fields of life. The same goes for PhD. and MS students. Stress is more common to these students in the research phase, where they must write their dissertation.

Dissertation stress becomes more painful for these students because of many reasons. They have sometimes limited time to perform many tasks, and professors keep burdening them daily. Writing a dissertation is another hectic duty where students have to sit in front of computers for hours daily. Moreover, high educational standards and difficult research processes increase their stress levels.

Let’s read how we can handle dissertation stress and keep doing research work with great zeal and encouragement. Let’s read these tips and methods to overcome stress levels.

Work From The Start:

Whenever we are assigned a task, our foremost step should be to design a checklist. We should spend some initial time figuring out how much work we must do to complete the task. Afterwards, it is essential to divide the workload into chunks and write them on the checklist. Similarly, once your professor tells you to start dissertation writing, you should design a road map for it. If you successfully do so and keep on working, you will never suffer from dissertation stress. However, if you don’t know how and where to start, getting dissertation help online can be a good choice for you.

Be Calm And Focused:

Whether you are in the initial stage of starting your dissertation or have once rejected your dissertation, stay calm. Good and bad days are a part of life, and being stressful does not help a little. Sit somewhere alone and think it’s a stressful time, and hard work will lead me to achieve it. You can also think about the day you successfully receive your PhD. or MS degree. This will give you enough encouragement and focus on staying calm and starting work from scratch.

Manage Academic Burden:

Going through student life in MS and PhD. brings lots of surprises. It would help if you tackle the academic burden along with your research work and dissertation. No matter how brilliant a student is, he must tackle this phase with immense courage. Professors assign presentations and tasks daily in universities. What can you do in such a situation? In situations where we have a lot of work to do, we should always start early and work consistently in a manageable way.

If you cannot complete your academic tasks at the proper time, this behaviour can lead you to go through dissertation stress. So you must manage your academic tasks well to separate some hours for the dissertation daily.

Show Your Work To The Supervisor When Possible.

One main stress students often face is that they do not get their dissertation checked by a supervisor. This may be because of the professor’s schedule or some negligence from the students. If you can show your dissertation to your professor regularly, most of the mistakes will be removed with time, and you will never face rejection.

Follow Tomorrow’s Technique While Writing The Dissertation

A dissertation is a hectic task to do. We have to research for hours to find a single technique or one paragraph relevant to our research work. That is the reason why students suffer from dissertation stress. You can follow the Pomodoro technique while writing a dissertation. What is this technique? Relax, it is just a simple 4 step process. You have to set a timer first for 25 minutes and start writing the dissertation. Afterwards, as the timer rings, take a break of 5 minutes, repeat this process for4 times, and after the 4th time, take a break of 15 to 30 minutes.

While doing work in 25 minutes, keep yourself away from all kinds of distraction. In 5 minutes, do what you like but do not think about your work. This technique helps energize the mind again and again for work and helps reduce stress.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is important for human health and helps maintain mental stress. A normal human being should take 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. So do not make any compromise on your sleep. It’s better if you can maintain sleep for the same hours daily. Stress disturbs sleep, so you may waste 1 to 2 hours daily just in a struggle to sleep. That’s why you should stay calm before going to bed. Once you calm yourself, it will be easy to sleep. Before sleep, close your books, shut down your laptop and clean your bed.

When you are under stress, try to talk to someone:

Whenever you feel that you are under stress and it is keeping you from doing work, make a call to your friend or family member. Whenever you work alone, you may feel that your stress is increasing. In that situation, you can visit your family or friend. Talk to them about your problem, and if you cannot do so, at least try to make a healthy conversation with them which can change your mood, and you can forget thesis stress. Moreover, talk to your fellows about your stress; it may reveal that almost every student is going through dissertation stress.


Whenever we start doing any task we are not familiar with, we feel stressful. Dissertation stress is disturbing research students, and as a result, they fall prey to depression and anxiety. Predominantly, it’s important to work on dissertation stress; otherwise, it negatively affects our health and well-being. For students suffering from stress, it’s important to sleep regularly, exercise daily and try to socialize.

The most important step in dealing with stress is to design a timetable as soon as possible. Because when you see that your tasks are arranged and you can tackle them in the time you have, it immediately releases stress. You have collected the most effective methods to release dissertation stress. Read them and help yourself!

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