Despite the advances in science, and the great strides being made in every field, cancer is a reality that we are not able to curb. On the contrary, cancer is now becoming more common than ever.

What is cancer?

Many people are scared of cancer, and rightfully so. In this condition, cancerous cells start to grow uncontrollably, forming a mass as a result. They not only take resources of the healthy cells, but the mass can also impinge on other organs as well.

Even though you can beat cancer, the journey is a brutal one. It requires not only the help of the Best Oncologist in Lahore, but strength and a lot of courage as well.

Common cancer treatments include chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, many people can also get cancer more than once in their lifetime as well.

Lifestyle choices that increase the risk for cancer

Considering the stakes involved, it is therefore important for all of us to understand how we might be increasing our risk for cancer, so we may take timely steps to at least lower the probability of cancer.

Some like genetics cannot be controlled, but if you manage other risk factors better, it can help you give better odds. Lifestyle factors that might be contributing towards increased risk of cancer include:

Drinking alcohol

The consumption of alcohol has been linked to greater risk for cancer. Chronic alcohol consumption is related to higher instances of not only liver cancer, but that of digestive tract as well. Even the risk for breast cancer increases with the consumption of alcohol.

Hence, it is important that one try to stay away from alcohol, especially unmoderated amounts.


Obesity is not only a disease in it of itself, but it also is a harbinger of other diseases as well. Amongst the risks posited by obesity is also the increase probability of cancer.

Poor dietary choices

We live in a world of fast food, which not only tastes great, but is convenient and cheap as well. Similarly, sugar consumption has also become rampant. People also have a great love for red meat as well.

On the other hand, consumption of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and whole meal grains has dwindled. These also then contribute towards an increased risk of cancer then.

Hence, it is imperative that you work on making better dietary choices if you want to lower your risk for cancer. Try to also exercise portion control, so you don’t take excess calories. These can then increase the risk for obesity, which also then is a risk factor for cancer.

Not being careful about the environment

Certain pollutants and chemicals can also increase the risk for cancer. And while we cannot always avoid our environment, there are steps like wearing a mask, avoiding exposure, taking different routes, staying away from areas with high risk etc. that can help in mitigating the exposure to these chemicals.  

Sun exposure

Again, you cannot avoid the sun, and technically, you should not be avoiding the sun as well. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. It also helps in moderating circadian rhythm and improving mental health.

However, sunlight also carries radiation, which can cause mutation in the cells, which can then lead to the formation of cancerous cells. A good way to prevent this is by using sunscreen when out in the sun. Also, try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and activities like sunbathing that call for prolonged sunlight exposure.


There are various reasons you might be smoking; it may be a form of stress relief, you might like the high that it can give, or it’s an addiction. Hence, while there is no judgment for turning towards cigarettes, continuing their use despite knowing how they contribute towards cancer, meriting then the intervention of an Oncologist in Islamabad, might not be the wisest choice you are making.

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