Students' Plans For The First Summer Without Covid Cancellations

Summer is for many people a time to enjoy vacations, college breaks and have fun. This year will be remembered by many. This is the first year without the covid-19 cancellations for two years. Dissertation Sky offers Dissertation assistance in UK.

We talked to children about their summer plans. We were able to identify four main categories: vacation plans; sporting activities; music festivals; and personal growth. To gain some insight, we used Google searches to be SEO professionals. Let’s find out more!


This information was collected in May 2022. We were able to identify our four main areas of interest after students informed us about their summer plans, in the absence COVID cancellations.

We used Google Trends and Semrush to analyze the top Google search terms this summer and we selected the most relevant search terms to each location of interest. Google searches were classified by alternative spellings. This means that searches for Mexico as vacation destination included both “flights to Mexico”, and “cheap flights to Mexico” along with other relevant Google searches. We then looked at the popularity of each query group to determine what is important to representatives from a specific state.

Which Summer Activities Are The Most Popular?

According to data collected, trips and sporting events were most popular summer activities. These two requests were most requested in 16 states. Personal development was the most popular topic for 12 states. Sixteen states saw an increase in music festivals, most notably those that border or hosted such events like Illinois, Wisconsin and Kansas. Is there anyone you can Hire to do my dissertation in the UK Dissertation Sky is your place.

What Worries Travellers?

Because the COVID epidemic had an impact on travel patterns, many people were looking for answers. A majority of people searched for vacation packages. It is possible to assume that people who plan to travel this summer following COVID don’t want to worry about making reservations or planning their routes. They want to simply enjoy the sights.

There were restrictions on travel to the United States in many areas including Alaska, Hawaii and Montana. New Yorkers, West Virginians, and New Hampshire were looking for bargains on vacation. The best places and activities were also being considered by the residents of the other states.

Sports Event

The NBA is America’s most popular sporting event. It was so popular that it was difficult to compare it with other sporting events. We decided to compare the NBA Finals with other sporting events during summer.

Nearest states, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were where most people watched the games. California also hosts the NBA Finals. Residents of Canada border states found the Stanley Cup to be the most interesting event.

The US Open, which was held in Massachusetts this year, was the most anticipated sporting event. It was also of great significance to the eastern states. The World Games were, in comparison, the least popular event. Most searches came from West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi. Law dissertation topic

Music Events

The top five summertime music events in the United States were Bonnaroo and Summerfest, Pitchfork and Rolling Loud.

According to research, Rolling Loud is the most popular US event. Summerfest, which was only successful in Wisconsin is the least-known. These festivals were most requested in the states that they are held. These states include Illinois for Lollapalooza and Pitchfork, Wisconsin for Summerfest and Florida for Rolling Loud. Tennessee is Bonnaroo. It is possible to conclude that Lollapalooza was more popular in Illinois than Pitchfork. The states nearby rank high among people who enjoy music events. 

Personal Development

Students have many options to make the most of their time: continuous education, personal growth, and employment during the summer.

This category had four of the most requested items: summer employment. It was requested in 24 states. Most people interested in internships were from 15 states. Eight states also had the highest interest in volunteering. Summer courses were most in demand in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Idaho. We looked at the most popular travel destinations that Americans searched for on Google. Canada and Mexico were the most popular. Many states also decided to visit Japan and Jamaica. Popular destinations included Italy and the United Kingdom. It is possible to assume that people often choose their travel destinations based on where they live. Travelers from the north were most interested in flights to Canada while those from the south, including Texas and New Mexico were more interested vacations to Mexico. People from Japan were more likely than those who live closer, like those from Hawaii, California and Oregon.

Providing Digital Learning Tools For Everyone In An Equitable And Inclusive Way

Nearly all schools have closed their doors to students and educators. To help them, online learning systems were created. Access to information and communication technology (ICTs), varies greatly between countries and is not available for all students (OECD 2020[2]). Although some governments and civil societies have provided laptops or tablets to the most vulnerable students, as well as internet connections, others have set up education via television, radio, or phones. However, they may not be able to provide digital learning tools for these students. A number of countries have usefully highlighted some of the most inclusive and egalitarian ways to provide access to digital learning materials.



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