The Five Types Of Plastic Surgeries For Cosmetic Reasons Everyone Should Know

Medical science has evolved so much that it can rectify the physical consequences of birth defects, severe injuries, and bad accidents. People with injury post trauma or those born with congenital disabilities no longer need to survive with deformities.

Plastic surgery is a science that can help you get rid of any such issue. Nowadays, you will find plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures that can fix typical deformities. Regardless of the actual cause, cosmetic surgery’s outcome is to improve appearance.

Whenever you undergo surgery, it can help in boosting your self-confidence. Today, this post will discuss five common types of plastic surgery that everybody needs to know. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Types of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Plenty of plastic surgery procedures can readily fix your body and facial problems. It would be best for you to understand the priority areas clearly. This will help you to undergo plastic surgery for those areas that demand attention.

This section lists the top 5 cosmetic plastic surgeries. They include:

● Hair Transplant

Hair restoration, also known as hair transplant, is nothing but the method of transplanting hair follicles. This cosmetic surgery is performed explicitly on thinning or balding areas of the head. A hair transplant is regarded as the best solution to get a permanent correction solution for your baldness.

Please note that more than 1000 hair follicles can be removed in a single session. Surprisingly, the transplanted hair will start shedding automatically within 2 to 4 weeks, just like normal hair. Also, the roots of the shedding hair will start sprouting new hair again.

The hair which is transplanted in this surgical procedure is permanent. You will not require any kind of long-term care. It is crucial for you to protect your scalp from direct sunlight, thereby preventing critical infections.


When you undergo facelift surgery, you can correct any loose, sagging, drooping, or wrinkled skin on your face. This usually occurs due to excessive weight loss or ageing. In this cosmetic surgery, the facial tissues are lifted first, and then the excess skin is removed. Further, the skin is repositioned in significantly new contours.

Other cosmetic surgical procedures like a brow lift or eyelid surgery are sometimes performed in conjunction. You should know that facelift surgery does not significantly change your appearance. It is also not capable of putting an end to your ageing procedure.


This cosmetic plastic surgery is typically performed on the nose to improve its shape and functionality. Rhinoplasty is usually performed to reduce or expand the size of your nose or correct significant congenital disabilities. Sometimes people undergo this surgery post any injury to improve their breathing.

Some undergo this cosmetic surgery to alter their nostrils’ shape or overall appearance. Once you undergo Rhinoplasty, avoiding any strenuous activity for at least 5 to 6 weeks is recommended. You can resume your regular activities within three weeks.

Tummy Tuck

Often people do not feel confident due to excessive belly fat. The cosmetic surgery procedure abdominoplasty helps improve the shape of your abdomen. It helps tighten the abdominal wall muscles by removing excess fat and skin.

You should remember that tummy tucking is not an alternative to weight loss. After you’ve tried everything else, it should be kept as a last resort.

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation has become the new trend, especially among models and actors. This method helps in providing plumpy and fuller-looking lips. Usually, in this process, a dermal filler is usually injected within the lips and around the mouth region. Thus, it helps give your lips a proper shape, volume, and structure.

Lip augmentation is not permanent, as the effects can last up to 6 months. If you wish to maintain the enhanced appearance, you will need to undergo the same procedure again.

To Conclude

After you have undergone plastic cosmetic surgery, it can enhance your appearance. You should also note that the above-mentioned plastic surgery procedures are entirely safe.

However, you must ensure that you visit an experienced professional to undergo the same. You can always contact prominent hospitals like Max Healthcare Hospital. Many experienced professionals will take your health condition and treatment goals, providing you with your enhanced looks.

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