Wrong chicken scales, according to some cockers, will bring bad luck and bad luck to the cock. The following Venus Casino will list the evil scales that should be avoided when choosing a fighting cock.

Experienced fowlers will know which chickens have excellent and bad scales to choose and avoid; newbies will be surprised because these can lead to confusion when selecting the wrong chicken.

Top types of evil chicken scales

Evil chicken scales are scales that the cockroaches do not appreciate for their fighting ability, and they fall into the following categories:

Open eight scales

The cocks with square scales are usually nasty fighting cocks, these fighting cocks are not pure cocks but have been crossed with other chicken breeds, so the characteristics and goodness of the pure line are also significantly reduced.

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The fighting cock at AE888 has ugly scales with octagonal squares, but with other good characteristics, it also does not bring luck. In a battle, it is difficult to win over every opponent. If you choose a cock with scales like this, it is also difficult to train and unsuitable for cockfighting.

Scales to declare money

This is one of those lousy chicken scales. The scales lined up on the fighting cock’s legs are cracked on the top or bottom. These are all terrible scales.

These scaly fighting cocks are generally low-stamina chickens. Although temporarily able to fight, after a few pools of fighting cocks quickly lose strength, get tired, and fail.

Scales of the four diaphragm open

This is a type of lousy chicken scale, this type of scale consisting of 4 small scales. Near the knee, many small scales or clusters do not fit together. This type of scale is often found on nasty fighting cocks, with no unique talents, low fighting power, and endurance. It is very easy to lose eyesight when fighting cocks at AE888, so gamecock players should avoid this kind of wrong scales when choosing fighting cocks.

Scalloped Pots and Stains

It depends on how the cock’s scales look, good or bad. This is one of the lousy chicken scales cockers should know not to choose.

The pelvic scale is a scab near the toe but is severed, while a small scale near the front toe marks the iliac scale.

Scales Verdict of Execution (Execution)

This type of scale looks very similar to the Question scale. But it covers from the citadel to the coffin. At the end of the casket, the scales become smaller but do not take on the shape of an oblique blade.

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Not a reasonable scale, but if the scale closes on the 5th row or less and the 4th and up, it’s okay.

Daisies Scales

When chickens have wrong scales at Venus Casino, Song Cuc has the same shape as the Huyen acupuncture scales and Tam Tai scales. Underneath the spurs are two small, vertically aligned scales. Each chicken leg has a scale, so it is called the Song Cuc scale, but if there is only one leg, it is called the Cuc Bon scale; the fighting cock with that scale is not a talented chicken. The kick is considered nowhere, and broken spices often lose their lives in the ring.

Poor scale

If you want to know if a cock’s scale is good or bad, you have to see the scale of the poor and the bad. The inferior scale is divided into two rows from the knee, not continuous. Fighting cocks with this attribute are not used for fighting. But they are more often raised as commercial chickens. If you see the scales of fighting cocks bouncing, do not decide to introduce them to fight cocks at AE888

Scales of foreign soil

Unlike other types of Loc Dien internal is fine scales. The scales of the foreign body are the wrong scales. These scales are similar to internal scales, but the nasal passages are external. Fighting cocks with this type of scale are usually not talented.

Even when casting chickens, it does not produce excellent descendants.

Scales foreign miles

The cock fighting with the wrong cock scales is located 3 miles away from the outer mile. And if the money is broken, the owner should not dream of becoming a war chicken. Fighting cocks with unusual scales have poor fighting skills. There is no such thing as a super high talent, so you can’t fall but rise even with long practice.

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Scales of the back – Scales of the tail

The fighting cock has ugly chicken scales that open the tail and break the seat and the buffalo horns. It is better not to raise or train anything. These are all ominous signs of fighting cocks at https://ae888vn.co/. These fighting cocks are mostly weak fighting cocks.

The ability to fight is less fortunate than the opponent. Buffalo horn spurs are also among the bad catalysts. Triggers do not reach the opponent, so cockers need to avoid picking so as not to lose consecutively.

The posterior scales are missing.

It is here boiled in these nasty flakes. If the chicken has posterior scales, the scales must extend to the spur to be considered reasonable. If it is lacking, it has yet to achieve the promotion that is regarded as a bad scale. Wrong chicken scales after lack are usually downed chickens or hybrid chickens. The fighting ability of chickens is much weaker than that of ordinary fighting cocks at https://ae888vn.co/.

Scales lack of money

The breed of chickens with this scale has the wrong fighting style. If the fighting cock has short, big toes, it should not be raised. These cocks often have the disadvantage of being unable to keep their balance. If the kick is unstable, it will be difficult to dodge the blow. It is complicated to counterattack the opponent.

The fighting cock must have 14 scales on the outer and inner fingers. Especially the king finger (middle finger) must have 19 rankings to be good.

Lower handle scales

This type of bottom-handled chicken scale is also the wrong type of scale. The upper scale is located between the knee and the spur. At AE888 this is The lower rankings are situated between the pot and the trigger. According to the experience of long-time cockers, this scaled fighting cock is nasty at fighting, tough to train to be a cock, and very rarely wins.

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Chicken scales

When it comes to lousy chicken scales, this type of scale confuses many people with black maggots. The rankings in fighting cocks are small. It is located under the spur or above the catalyst. Chickens with undersized scales are generally bad champions, and these chickens will lose more than they win. Training is also not good, so it is not respected.

General of chicken feet fighting wrong scales

The potted window has eight scales, agitated

If the roosters have bad generals, the scales are wrong, and they move slowly, then it is the cocks that fight down to the ground at Venus Casino. The fighting power could be better and more flexible. Stilts have a curved shape that reduces accuracy and damage when fighting opponents. This spur does not cause significant injuries, and the decisive blow is yes, it should not be raised.

The cock has no scales and stirs up the soles.

A cock without scales is generally not good. This is a hybrid chicken. When fighting with an opponent is less fortunate, losing more than gaining.

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Also called a spur, the tip of the spur looks like a buffalo horn spur and curves upwards. Therefore, at AE888 if the fighting cock can’t hurt the opponent, the cock with this spur can’t stab it correctly, too. lots of mistakes.

Packed fighting cocks, internal and external books

If you look at the pillow-crushed fighting cocks, they are characterized by ugly chicken scales inside and out. It is usually a crossbreed that has lost all the purebred’s salient features and good points. These chickens should not expect too much because they are easy to lose. And chickens should not be bred, only casting bad or poor quality litters with purebred chickens.

Big pot scales, big meat

A good fighting cock must have a tight pot. When the fighting cock has a large pool, the cock becomes sluggish and less flexible. Therefore, when fighting cocks, they are not agile enough to dodge attacks and counterattacks.

Suppose the chicken pot has large pieces of meat. This will make the chicken move slower. When this chicken goes to war, at AE888 only when it meets a weak opponent and must be lucky will it win?

Scales of the internal border, rankings of peripheral tanks

The cocks with wrong scales inside or outside are usually hybrid chickens, and these are chickens with inaccurate scales; you should know these scaled fighting cocks are traditionally not good at fighting, just wasting time and effort. Waiting to increase your cockfighting skills is quite a long time, even without development.

Short-tailed scaly rooster

Chickens with wrong chicken scales are short and evil, and most of them are chickens with bad fighting styles. This is a lousy general for chickens. Raising these chickens only takes more time and effort, but the results are nowhere to be seen.

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Note when looking at scales.

The fighting cock has the wrong scales, and this lousy general is often underestimated. At Venus Casino This chicken doesn’t have much potential to become a fighting cock. But when choosing a fighting cock, cock players must also consider the type of fighting and many other factors, such as appearance, fighting style, etc., to accurately determine the fighting ability of the fighting cock.

Some poison cockroach scales

In addition to how to see lousy game cock scales, AE888 also shares with chicken players some types of poisonous game cock scales that need attention. Specifically like:

Scales of armor

The scales are like sharp knives pointing straight at the spur. Three scales or more are called armor vy day, and two are told at the trigger; it is called song cover knife. Chickens with armor scales often make cruel attacks, killing and punishing in all directions, causing the opponent to spin, unable to respond at AE888.

Scales of the lost blade

Chickens with seven-blade scales are classified as Sat Ke. It consists of 7 small scales resembling an oblique blade from the spur up to the knee. At https://ae888vn.co/ This type of chicken with scales often strikes a blow that looks pretty gentle but highly malicious. That’s a very clever trick.

A quick, powerful, negative exit is the way chickens with seven knives do not give the opponent a chance to counterattack.

Small scale vermilion

Small scales between the toes that are pink or red. Chickens with small scales strike very firmly, powerfully, and dangerously. When going to battle, he is always in an offensive position, making it difficult for the opponent to have a chance to respond.

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Isolated scales

A type of scale that runs along the border of the leg. Single-sided fighting cocks are classified as a rare breed with a fighting spirit. Along with the excellent dodging skills, the fights of the independent chickens always bring satisfaction to the viewers.

King scale

Scales are made up of 4 consecutive rectangular scales like a king. Chickens with scales are often cruel and never let go of their legs. Aim at a dangerous place where the kick makes it difficult for the opponent to withstand. Opening a king is good, but declaring a square of eight scales is very bad.

Heliotrope scale

It is a large, rectangular scale in a row counting from the nail to about two scales. At AE888 Roosters with sun-kissed scales are often associated with the eye-catching specialist. Has a quick kick or a combo attack with high-precision poison. Compassionate stabbing ability.

Scaffolding scabs

The type of scale that closes at the spur is famous for its ability to break the opponent’s neck. The cocks possessing this type of scale often have excellent fighting skills and are extremely good at penetrating armor. Meeting in the arena also makes many enemies wary.

bad fighting cock scales

Scaffolding scabs

In addition to the lousy game cock scales and some poisonous game cock scales listed above, many types of chicken scales are worth playing with by cockers, such as brooding scales, brooch scales, and skewered scales… The above comments lead us to conclude: To play chicken, you must know how to see the rankings. If you want to see the scales, you must know how to distinguish the shape and structure of the scales to choose a good chicken. And also, avoid the chickens with the wrong scales. Even if you fight, you will only lose.


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