Let me talk about why you bring food first: healthy and environmentally friendly ebay Discount Code NHS .

Generally speaking, the food in restaurants and cafeterias has a strong taste, oily, salty and sugary, the output is large, the time is tight, and it is difficult to guarantee the heat and sanitation.

It is not advisable to often raise the seat, gradually enter the ancestral hall, only eat outside food, and do not start a fire at home. If possible, bring a meal.

No need to consider the sanitation of public tableware, reduce the waste of disposable tableware, and be healthy and environmentally friendly. So let us know which brand of electric lunch box is better.

Let’s talk about the material: the material of the lunch box is generally metal, PP plastic (Polypropylene, polypropylene) and fiberglass.

When I was in middle school, students usually used stainless steel or aluminum lunch boxes to bring meals, because the school provided hot meals.

The two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The former is light in weight and has a variety of shapes; the latter is simple and beautiful, and it is not easy to leave the taste of food after use.

The disadvantage is that it is a bit heavy. You can choose according to your needs.

Variety: Choose a lunch box based on the principle of being simple and sufficient. At present, there are many lunch sets on the market, which contain three pots and four bowls, and are packed in a handbag or handbag.

If you have a large appetite, it is of course good to choose this kind, but it is also very troublesome to rinse the lunch box eBay Discount Code NHS.

So if you can’t eat that much, try to choose as little as possible. There is a kind of partition that does not use a baffle, but a small box inside a large lunch box.

Recommend everyone to use Tiger LWU-B17C, rice and vegetable soup layered, delicious and fresh without loss, 6 hours of heat preservation at 69 degrees.

  Bag: It is very dirty to put a beautiful lunch box in a plastic bag. You can choose a suit with a bag, or you can choose a lunch box and buy another bag.

There are many small shops selling small accessories on Taobao. The advantage of the suit bag is that it must be the right size.

  Use: After choosing a satisfactory lunch box. You must also pay attention to it during use so that it can last for a long time eBay Discount Code NHS.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the maximum temperature that the lunch box can withstand, and do not exceed it when heating. Remove the cover and put it in the microwave oven when heating.

The heating time should not be too long, just two or three minutes to heat the rice. If it is cooking. It takes a long time to use progressive heating, stopping every 2 minutes. With an interval of tens of seconds in between.

When bringing meals, pay attention to choosing foods with less oil and less sugar. If you want to pack these, put some food such as rice and vegetables underneath.

After putting hot food in the lunch box, let it cool down and then cover it to prevent deformation.

Remember to close the sub-cap before refrigerating to avoid odor transfer; open the sub-cap before heating Amazon Discount Code NHS.

Which is the best insulated lunch box

When we take meals to school or company, we use insulated lunch boxes. Today, the editor will talk about which kind of insulated lunch box is better


  • For lunch boxes made of stainless steel, 18/8 means that the stainless steel material contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Materials that meet this standard meet the national food-grade standard, and the product is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.
  • Observe the appearance of the insulated lunch box. First to see whether the surface polishing of the inner and outer tanks is uniform, and second. To see whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent.
  • Third, check whether the inner seal of the lunch box is tight, and fourth. Check the opening of the lunch box, the rounder the better. Check whether the label and other accessories of the cup are complete.
  • Observe the heat preservation of the lunch box, pour boiling water into the lunch box. Cover it tightly for two to three minutes, and then touch the bottom of the lunch box with your hands. If it is still cold, keep the lunch box warm.

How to identify environmentally friendly lunch boxes

Disposable fast food boxes have changed from foam lunch boxes to environmentally friendly lunch boxes.

The original foam lunch boxes have been eliminated because they are not resistant to high temperatures. The production process has caused damage to the environment.

Plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, and wooden lunch boxes are waiting for them. Degradation lunch box and so on.


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